Automatic Debit and Subscriptions

Our automatic debit tool allows you to implement an automated recurring payment system and have portfolio control and automatic collection retries of your clients' payments.

  • Leave the heavy lifting to us, using our automatic debit system is as simple as sending a link for your client to register their means of payment such as their debit or credit card, the first transaction is made and an agreement is immediately created automatic debit which you can easily manage from your control panel.
  • Our system is used by most gyms and fitness centers, colleges, universities, and companies that handle subscription products.
  • Every time a payment is properly debited from one of your clients, our system will send the notification of a successful transaction to your computer or CRM systems through a Webhook, in this way you can automatically renew your client's services.
  • We also offer the service linked to our Paga Móvil App application, so that your electronic invoice is immediately available, payment is made from your client with one of the cards stored in the application.

Imagine a world where your company automates its portfolio and collections.

  • It is also possible to allow your clients to register to your automatic debit system autonomously through our Chat bot.
  • You can also trigger an IVR call from your control panel to register your customer through a phone call.

The scope of our solution is limitless.


Create automatic debit agreements easily through WhatsApp, E-mail, SMS or an IVR call
Easy use for your operators
Use it immediately from your Control Panel
Leave the heavy lifting of automatic retries to us
Quick and easy deployment, one person can manage the entire ecosystem
Manage your agreements from your control panel
Initial training for all your operators
Total security by tokenizing your customers' cards in a PCI DSS Level 1 Environment

Success stories

The European Multinational, with a presence in Colombia, required to implement an automatic debit system for its more than 60,000 Clients in the country. ELP successfully implemented the PAYMENT PORTAL, CHAT BOT, AUTOMATIC DEBIT AND COLLECTION BY WHATSAPP tools.
Corporate Client
With billions of pesos placed in the Colombian market and thousands of associates, JURISCOOP, one of the most important Cooperatives in the country, required an administration system for the payment of its clients' financial obligations, ELP successfully implemented the tools: PAYMENT PORTAL , AUTOMATIC DEBIT, CHARGING BY E-MAIL, WHATSAPP AND PAGA MOBILE APP.
Corporate Client
One of the most prestigious car companies in the world, with a 5-star service like Chevystar represented by ITURAN, decided to entrust the collection of annual service renewals on all vehicles through ELP. We implement together the services of: IVR CALL, CHARGE BY WHATSAPP, SMS, E-MAIL.
LATAM Corporate Client