Artificial Intelligence Payment Portal

Become an expert in portfolio control and collection in seconds, install our Payment Portal with a couple of clicks.

Our payment portal allows you to implement a robust, stable and scalable system in your company, it is used by universities, colleges, residential complexes, financial institutions, kindergartens, security companies or any type of business that requires exact control of the wallet and an easy and fast online collection.

  • The payment portal gives you a web environment with an access for your clients, this web application allows your clients to consult their current payment obligations, make payments, partial payments and total payments through any means of payment.
  • From a simple Excel file, you can upload all the outstanding obligations of your clients and allow them to consult and pay easily.
  • Our payment portal connects with our Chat Bot, a tool that connects WhatsApp and is installed on your website.
  • A client can access your Chat Bot From his WhatsApp, enter his ID and obtain information on the payment obligations he has Pending.
  • Our payment portal has an automated collection tool using artificial intelligence which triggers calls through our IVR informing your client about their pending obligations and allowing them to pay with debit or credit cards instantly. All this using our artificial intelligence module.


Advanced integration using FTP files for automatic reconciliation
Upload all your obligations from an excel file
Install it with a couple of clicks
REST API to query obligations externally
Automated IVR collection through scheduled campaigns
All means of payment enabled: Cards, PSE and Cash
Connected to our Chat Bot
Connected with ELP
Easy installation and configuration.
Visual customization from the Application Control Panel

Success stories

The European Multinational, with a presence in Colombia, required to implement an automatic debit system for its more than 60,000 Clients in the country. ELP successfully implemented the PAYMENT PORTAL, CHAT BOT, AUTOMATIC DEBIT AND COLLECTION BY WHATSAPP tools.
Corporate Client
With billions of pesos placed in the Colombian market and thousands of associates, JURISCOOP, one of the most important Cooperatives in the country, required an administration system for the payment of its clients' financial obligations, ELP successfully implemented the tools: PAYMENT PORTAL , AUTOMATIC DEBIT, CHARGING BY E-MAIL, WHATSAPP AND PAGA MOBILE APP.
Corporate Client
One of the most prestigious car companies in the world, with a 5-star service like Chevystar represented by ITURAN, decided to entrust the collection of annual service renewals on all vehicles through ELP. We implement together the services of: IVR CALL, CHARGE BY WHATSAPP, SMS, E-MAIL.
LATAM Corporate Client
The prestigious Universidad del Sinú, located in the Colombian Caribbean region, required a payment system for its students' tuition, courses and careers, we implemented together our solutions: PAYMENT BY WEB CHECK OUT, PAYMENT BY WHATSAPP, SMS, E-MAIL and PAGA MOVIL APP.
Corporate Client
Considered one of the most important foundations in Colombia, the PLAN Foundation is widely recognized for its leading role in the protection of Colombian children, its projects required a reliable collection system to receive their donations online, we implemented together: DONATION BY WEB CHECK OUT, WHATSAPP, SMS, E-MAIL and PAGA MOVIL APP.
Corporate Client
Considered an icon in Higher Education in the country, the Nueva Granada Military University required to implement an efficient, easy and fast collection system in a "time to market" of maximum 20 days. CHECKOUT, CHARGE WHATSAPP, E-MAL AND CHARGE SMS.
Corporate Client

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