Collection Tools

Allow your customers to make the payment of their products or services in a simple and agile way. We have several tools that, depending on the needs of your business, can help you manage this process in the best way.

Collection Tools WhatsApp Collection

Now Online Payments offers the Aggregator Model for small and medium Merchants and Entrepreneurs (quick and easy activation), to provide you with greater ease in the activation processes of your new Payments account, you can request your membership online from our Assistant Form 100% online, our analysts will review your business and documentation and activate your Company to start selling online easily and quickly.

Collection Tools Collection SMS

Send a Text Message or SMS to your Client's cell phone including a “Short” Payment Link, in this way your Client can click it and proceed with their payment from their Cellphone.

Collection Tools Collection Link

If you want to use your own email format to Send a Payment Link to your Client this is the ideal option, you just have to enter your COMMERCE Control Panel and generate a LINK that you can later use to send it by E-mail, Chat or any other means.

Collection Tools Payment Button

Generate all the Payment Buttons you need for your Websites, our system will deliver the lines of HTML Code that you must paste in your files or Web Portals, in this way you will install our solution in just 5 minutes.

Collection Tools QR code

Generate a QR Code from your ELP Control Panel, show it to your Client and that's it. You can also send it in your emails, physically paste it on the billboard of the Building Complex, in your printed advertising, among others. Your Client scans and makes the payment instantly with ease.