ELP security


In Linea Pagos ELP will make its best effort to maintain security in the transactions that are carried out through our platform, however it is the Buyer's duty to follow the security procedures in the handling of their confidential and banking information, to achieve this on user must:

  • Maintain a secure computer, licensed (paid license) with a good updated Antivirus.
  • Do not disclose your personal or financial information
  • Make payments only through our website with an SSL Digital Certificate which includes all the protection to achieve complete confidentiality in the information that is transmitted.
  • Comply with the safety recommendations that are a matter of public disclosure by the Control and Superintendency bodies.



Online Payments ELP has all the Tools to prevent fraud to Affiliated Establishments, for this it has a robust neural transaction protection system, which learns from transactions, the Merchant can block: Bines, Countries, E-mails, IP addresses and you can protect your transactions through our Secure Shopping Security Tool.

Payment procedure


To make a Payment through the Online Payment Platform ELP, the buyer user must enter the Website of the Company to which he wishes to pay (You can also use a WhatsApp, SMS or IVR Collection Call), there he performs all the process of registration and purchase of products or services, once the operation is finished the buyer user is directed to our Website in order to finish their payment process, there they can select their payment method (PSE, Credit / Debit Cards, Efecty , etc.) and subsequently will receive on their screen the confirmation of approval or rejection of the transaction, the user will be able to keep the receipt of the operation on their computer or processing device.

PCI DSS certification


Our Company has the PCI DSS Certification in version 3.2.1 as a Service Provider with an expiration date of 12/2020 issued by the QSA 1st Secure IT (One of the most prestigious QSAs on the planet) in compliance with the provisions of the Regulations and International standards for VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER and JCB Card Franchises. We also comply with the provisions of Circular 008 of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia. Find our Certification seal at the bottom of our Website.

Safe Shopping


Our Secure Shopping® service allows you to confirm the ownership of the cardholder before processing a payment, protecting your Company up to 99% from Credit Card Fraud. This system is included in any plan and is 99% effective in mitigating any attempted credit card fraud.

Vulnerability Scan


Information Security is transversal and is changing all the time, our QSA carries out scanning processes for possible vulnerabilities to our entire Platform on a weekly basis in order to find any possible weakness in the system, this allows us to have rapid action to preventively correct any finding reported by our information security advisor.

SSL and RSA Security


We use SSL Certificates with TLS 1.2 + to guarantee the Security, Confidentiality and Availability of your and your Clients' Information, we also use asymmetric RSA Algorithms as one of the best-rated encryption standards in the payment industry.

Two factor authentication


Two-factor authentication or Dynamic Key is an additional protection measure for your ELP Account that was designed to ensure that only you can access your account, even if someone else knows the password. This measure protects your information from malicious access and the theft of Access Credentials.

Our System analyzes all your transactions at the exact moment of processing and determines the possible levels of risk associated with it.
After analyzing the transaction, we give you a Rating of it from 0 to 10.99 indicating the possible level of risk, this will allow you to analyze more carefully and reverse it if necessary.
You can activate the countries from which you want to accept payments, this will allow your Company to take care of the processing of payments with Credit Cards from abroad, some of them possibly fraudulent. Our system can identify most of the cards in the world.