Storing your customers' credit card data in your web and mobile applications can be a challenge today, starting with the large number of security incidents and breaches that occur worldwide and attacks on existing vulnerabilities. platforms without proper protection and without proper certification.

  • It is not enough to carry out an ethical Hacking of your IT solution, you must comply with the requirements of the PCI DSS standard to securely store the card data such as the complete number and the expiration date.
  • Our Tokenization system has all the security parameters and PCI DSS certification. We use the highest and most stringent technology servers in AWS to store your Tokens in a secure PCI DSS Level 1 Certified cloud.
  • We have web services that allow you to consult, create, process or delete these Tokens in an agile, fast and secure way.

Our team of engineers will accompany you in your implementation process to make it a success.


Save on expensive developments and headaches
Implement a fast and reliable Tokenization system in record time
Control all processing from our APIs
Save hours on developments
Avoid PCI DSS certifying your developments
Protect your clients' sensitive data in a secure and certified environment
Easy implementation and connection

Success stories

The European Multinational, with a presence in Colombia, required to implement an automatic debit system for its more than 60,000 Clients in the country. ELP successfully implemented the TOKENIZATION, PAYMENT PORTAL, CHAT BOT, AUTOMATIC DEBIT AND COLLECTION BY WHATSAPP tools.
Corporate Client
With billions of pesos placed in the Colombian market and thousands of associates, JURISCOOP, one of the most important Cooperatives in the country, required an administration system for the payment of its clients' financial obligations, ELP successfully implemented the tools: PAYMENT PORTAL , AUTOMATIC DEBIT, CHARGING BY E-MAIL, WHATSAPP AND PAGA MOBILE APP.
Corporate Client
One of the most prestigious car companies in the world, with a 5-star service like Chevystar represented by ITURAN, decided to entrust the collection of annual service renewals on all vehicles through ELP. We implement together the services of: IVR CALL, CHARGE BY WHATSAPP, SMS, E-MAIL.
LATAM Corporate Client