IVR Call

The problem

Implementing a charging system for IVR calls can be expensive and cumbersome for any organization large or small, as it must implement a processing system that captures the customer's card data and then processes the transaction through a payment authorizer. All this must comply with a security certification process under the PCI DSS standard to avoid any information leakage, which increases implementation costs and times.

The solution

With our IVR system your company does NOT need to carry out additional developments to implement a professional collection IVR, it is enough to access your Commerce control panel and enter your client's data and the phone number to which you want our system to contact you. call, just when you click on the “call" button, our IVR will call your client by phone, greet him with the name of your company, ask for your card details and process the payment in real time .

The only thing you should keep in mind is that there will be a small charge for each call made.


Save on expensive developments and headaches
Implement a fast and reliable IVR in record time
Sell professionally with clear, punchy audios
Control the entire IVR from your dashboard
Set your welcome greeting and goodbye message
Save hours on developments
Avoid PCI DSS certifying your developments
Use the service comfortably from your control panel

Casos de éxito

IVR Call
The prestigious Universidad del Sinú, located in the Colombian Caribbean region, required a payment system for its students' tuition, courses and careers, we implemented together our solutions: PAYMENT BY WEB CHECK OUT, PAYMENT BY WHATSAPP, SMS, E-MAIL and PAGA MOVIL APP.
Corporate Client
IVR Call
Considered one of the most important foundations in Colombia, the PLAN Foundation is widely recognized for its leading role in the protection of Colombian children, its projects required a reliable collection system to receive their donations online, we implemented together: DONATION BY WEB CHECK OUT, WHATSAPP, SMS, E-MAIL and PAGA MOVIL APP.
Corporate Client
IVR Call
Considered an icon in Higher Education in the country, the Nueva Granada Military University required to implement an efficient, easy and fast collection system in a "time to market" of maximum 20 days. CHECKOUT, CHARGE WHATSAPP, E-MAL AND CHARGE SMS.
Corporate Client