WhatsApp Charge

Our WhatsApp collection tool allows you to send a payment request to any cell phone on the planet using WhatsApp as a means of notification and thus deliver the payment link.

  • Making a collection is very simple, just access the control panel and visit the icon of the “Rocket", press send “WhatsApp collection", fill in your client's information such as the amount to be charged and that's it.
  • Your client will receive an instant link to make their payment through any available payment method such as debit cards, credit cards, PSE and cash.


Use it immediately from your Control Panel
Send Payment Links to any cell phone with WhatsApp in the world
Charge in different currencies
Cobra in different languages
All means of payment enabled: Cards, PSE and Cash
Easy use for your operators

Success stories

WhatsApp Charge
The prestigious Universidad del Sinú, located in the Colombian Caribbean region, required a payment system for its students' tuition, courses and careers, we implemented together our solutions: PAYMENT BY WEB CHECK OUT, PAYMENT BY WHATSAPP, SMS, E-MAIL and PAGA MOVIL APP.
Corporate Client
WhatsApp Charge
Considered one of the most important foundations in Colombia, the PLAN Foundation is widely recognized for its leading role in the protection of Colombian children, its projects required a reliable collection system to receive their donations online, we implemented together: DONATION BY WEB CHECK OUT, WHATSAPP, SMS, E-MAIL and PAGA MOVIL APP.
Corporate Client
WhatsApp Charge
Considered an icon in Higher Education in the country, the Nueva Granada Military University required to implement an efficient, easy and fast collection system in a "time to market" of maximum 20 days. CHECKOUT, CHARGE WHATSAPP, E-MAL AND CHARGE SMS.
Corporate Client