BOT Multitasking “MR BOT” BOT Multitasking “MR BOT”

The world has changed, this is why you must
prepare your company to face the new challenges
that come with the intention of growing your
automation processes.

with Artificial Intelligence


BOT Multitasking “MR BOT”


BOT Multitasking “MR BOT”

Our Chatbot allows you to automate internal processes of your company and the attention to your clients, for example a client who is on your website and needs immediate attention to check the status of their pending payment obligations could start a conversation from your Site web to your WhatsApp with our Chatbot, the virtual assistant greets your client with a menu of options among which allows you to enter your ID number and check what obligations you have pending payment, the Chatbot will communicate internally with our Portal application of Payments and will consult the obligations that have pending payment and will deliver them to your client by means of text in their conversation.

BOT Multitasking “MR BOT” The Chatbot will even send you an auto-generated link to make the payment through debit and credit cards, PSE or cash.

BOT Multitasking “MR BOT” In this way we can create and adjust the Chatbot services according to the needs of your company, for example we can automate processes such as the request for peace and save and others that allow speeding up the attention and complex procedures to your clients.

BOT Multitasking “MR BOT” We can connect our Chatbot with your telephone plant, in this way, when your clients call your lines and need, for example, to check their pending payments, they will initiate an automatic chat with the virtual Agent.

BOT Multitasking “MR BOT”


BOT Multitasking “MR BOT”

BOT Multitasking “MR BOT” Automate internal processes in your company

BOT Multitasking “MR BOT” Streamline complex procedures and processes

BOT Multitasking “MR BOT” Serve your customers 24 hours a day, all year round

BOT Multitasking “MR BOT” Avoid expensive developments

BOT Multitasking “MR BOT” Connect it to your phone plant on your current ivr

BOT Multitasking “MR BOT” Development of services in the chatbot tailored to your company